It does not even occur to many people that traveller's health insurance could benefit them a great deal until it is too late. Some may even think that it is not worth the expenses it would cost them to do so. However, there are important reasons as to why this should be one of the first purchases that they make. It is added protection for when emergencies occur. It can also help with various complications which may not be an emergency, but certainly be an issue.

What is Traveller's Health Insurance?

If you plan to travel internationally, this will help with situations that go awry while the trip is taking place. Consider all of the things that go wrong on a day to day basis. Are you covered at home? If you are, you should find a way to be covered internationally too. There are loads of people out there that did not get this type of insurance and are suffering financially due to it now.

Do I Need Short or Long Term Insurance?

How often to do you intend on traveling? How long do you intend to be there? If you are someone that makes international trips fairly often or are in a different country for school or mission work, you should invest in a long term insurance. If you are only going to the Bahamas for a week, you may want to only invest in temporary insurance.

Life Can Go Wrong-Even in Paradise

Vacations are meant to be relaxing escapes from the "real world", but it still remains the same. You or your loved one could end up injured, sick, attacked, lose luggage, and so many other issues that could just happen for seemingly no reason. A lot of people believe that these things could not go wrong for them until it does. Once it does, they have to figure out how to solve the problems out of pocket.

Random Injuries or Illnesses

While there are some health plans that do at least have some coverage for international trips, it is often times not sufficient enough. Most plans only cover you while you are in the United States, which leaves you vulnerable in other countries. Any can happen. You could slip and fall down steps, end up sick from drinking water in Mexico, and the list goes on.

If you ended up injured or sick in another country without health coverage, you could end up with serious debt that you would end up owing to them. On top of that, if there is a language barrier--you may have a tough time getting the help you need to begin with. If you have travellers health insurance, you will have services that help during these situations. For example, many providers offer translators and they will get there as soon as they possibly can. The time difference comes into play, which makes it harder to get into contact with your national insurance. If you have travel insurance, they are easier to reach because they make it a point to stay open all of the time.

Losing Bags

Has the airline lost your bags before and you felt like you were simply out of luck due to it? If you had travelers insurance, you may have been able to have at least a percentage of your losses covered. While they may not be able to cover priceless objects, there were probably items that could have been replaced no matter how important they are to you. You need your clothes, so even if there is a delay--they can help you out. They will help for you to acquire clothing for your trip, since you can't just walk around without them. This is great, because people that aren't covered end up having to spend their money out of pocket--if they didn't pack their wallet away in their luggage, too.

Canceling Aspects of the Trip

Not everything works out and there are times when flights need to be canceled. If you are trying to get a refund from airlines on your own, without the insurance, you will likely fail at it. It can become very frustrating. If you have international insurance, they typically include trip cancellations and even interruptions. By providing this service, you will be able to get your money back and maybe even make it back there another time thanks to it. No one wants their vacation or business trip ruined and it can be quite the mess, but travellers health insurance is meant to have your back in a crisis.


It is already stressful enough traveling to a different country. Take the time to look into international travel insurance. You will be able to have piece of mind knowing that they have your back in a "strange" country, which is important for anyone.