It is said that life insurance is like a seatbelt: you don't want to use it until you need it. But there is another way to think of life insurance-it is part of your estate, a gift of security that you are leaving behind to your kids after your death, so that they will not have to worry about your final expenses. There are many other benefits of a life insurance plan too.


Metlife insurance benefits can cover your expenses when you pass away, and can make it more comfortable for them to pay final expenses, as well as continue with the lifestyle they know, rather than having to adjust financially to the loss.

When you are covered with Metlife insurance benefits, you don't have to worry about whether your children will be taken care of, or if there will be enough money to handle the bills and every day expenses that may come up after your death. No one likes to think about their own death. But having a Metlife insurance plan helps relieve the concerns for an unknown future. It takes the worry out of living, in the event of your dying.

Finally, having a life insurance plan with Metlife adds to your estate value and increases your net worth. Your family and loved ones will have everything they need in the event of your death, no matter when it occurs. You can look into several Metlife insurance plans and compare them to see what is the best policy for you.


Metlife makes it easy by allowing you to access your Metlife online account on line anytime you need to, to view your policy, look at your coverages, or change information as needed. There is also a Metlife agent within a phone call away to help you with anything you need. Many people find that using their Metlife online account is easy and practical and save them time when needing to access their information, without having to call anyone. But in the event you need help, they are there.


Metlife insurance benefits can be packaged in a Term Life, Whole Life, Universal Life, or Variable Life and Survivorship plan. Here is a brief explanation of each of them:

Term Life: Term life insurance is usually based on a set period of time (such as 10-30 years) and is set based on the rates at the age you apply. For this reason, it is better to take out a term life insurance policy when you are younger, so that the value will never decrease and you will pay the premium that you had at a much younger age. As you age, the insurance premiums go up in cost, so it's good to lock them in at the lower rate. The disadvantage to term life is that, once you reach the end of the term, you must take out a new policy, which will cost more than your previous policy, due to your increased age.

Whole Life: Whole life policies are policies which, unlike term life, are usually valid until age 100. This is because they are literally meant to last your whole life and the surrender (claim) value will stay the same, whether you are 22 or 99.

Universal Life: A universal life policy covers you until age 99 usually also, but also has a cash value. This means that you could cash in on some of the policy value (say $10,000) and still have the remaining amount left as a death benefit. Subtracting it from the whole value does reduce the death benefit, but this is an attractive option for many who like the assurance of having the option to cash in part of their policy, should they run into unexpected emergencies, such as medical expenses or other events. It is considered a permanent life insurance plan.

Variable Life: This type of life insurance is also a "permanent life insurance" product but it varies from Universal Life because of the fact that it is tied into an investment plan, such as securities, annuities, or other financial plans. Many people would rather have their investments separate but others find it comforting to know that their assets are protected in their life insurance plan. Metlife insurance plans are backed by a large and secure financial system with a long history of sound financial resources. Talk to your Metlife agent and see if this is something they would recommend for you.


It is easy to look into Metlife insurance plans online. You can get a free no-obligation quote on any of these plans at: Metlife quotes. An experienced agent will get back with you and discuss your options with you and help you decide on the best plan to meet your needs.


If you are lucky enough to pay into Metlife employee benefits plan you have access to Metlife dental, health, and vision plans. To find out what coverage you may have you can reach an agent with Metlife's 1 800 phone number. If you prefer logging in online you can sign in by going to Go Met life or go home.