For most homeowners, it may not occur to them that personal home liability insurance would be beneficial to them. In fact, often times they end up wishing that they had signed up for it after something horrible happens. Many situations can occur where you would least expect it. Let's consider what situations could occur and how this type of insurance could help prevent you from losing everything. Even if you have basic insurance, it may be necessary to acquire added insurance.

Ask Yourself if You Need It

There are many questions that you could ask yourself to figure out if you need personal home liability insurance. Questions such as whether or not an injury related incident has already occurred in your home. Do you have a recreational area where people come to play sports? Do you have a pool area that you share with people that do not live in your home or on your property?

Consider your financial assets and how much a law suit would actually end up costing you. That includes the suit itself, the payout, and paying for lawyer fees. This can end up costing you far more than you have to give. You could end up losing your home without this type of insurance. This is something that could change your entire life and if you have a family to take care of, it makes it even more imperative that you get this type of coverage. With so many factors that come into play, it is the safest bet to pick a great insurance policy that will protect you and your family from such huge losses.


Life can be surprising and so can injuries that happen to visitors of your home. This tends to be the case when it comes to homes that have recreational areas and swimming pools. This could even be the case in the run of the mill type of home that doesn't have these types of additions. If someone gets hurt due to your neglect in your home, it is on your shoulders should they decide to sue. It can be anything from tripping over a shoe and breaking a limb to being injured on a home tennis court.

Your Financial Assets Could Increase Suit Risks

This is unfortunate to even discuss, but people with more money and that own more major assets are usually targeted far more than anyone else. If you are wealthy, you are really going to need to protect yourself against those that feel that they can sue you for what you have. There are people that do get genuinely injured from time to time, but there are also people that fake injuries thinking that they can actually win. Having a great lawyer and a significant personal home liability insurance plan will help protect against either situation. Being a target due to financial assets seems like a non-issue, but it can deeply affect what you have if they have the right lawyer and a sympathetic judge.

How Personal Home Liability Insurance Works

If someone has been injured in your home or on your property they may decide to sue you. If they sue you and you have been found to be negligent, the liability insurance will have you protected and cover the financial damages incurred. It is an affordable plan that will make sure that you do not lose much money, which makes it a win/win for both parties involved. The stress that comes from being sued without this type of insurance can be completely avoided. This is a smart option for yourself and for your family.


The premiums for this type of coverage can be incredibly affordable and are paid annually. With such an affordable premium, there is no real reason to not go for this added coverage. While there may be a base coverage for homeowners insurance, it is highly unlikely that someone that has been seriously injured will only go for an amount that is under that coverage. You can purchase coverage that goes up to a million dollars. In fact, if you are financially secure enough, you can find coverage or multiple plans that will make sure that you are covered for more than that.