Life is full of those unpredictable ups and downs, especially when it comes to owning a home. Keep it less unpredictable with a homeowners policy from Allstate home insurance.

A sump pump malfunction, coupled with a few solid days of rain, and you could be facing a possible need of an Allstate insurance claim. A nasty storm, with strong gale force winds, brings that beautiful maple tree down on to your roof, and you are facing costly roof repairs. Whether it is a natural disaster situation or your house being robbed while you are on vacation, a homeowners policy from Allstate home insurance may keep you covered, no matter what situation you are facing.

Allstate Insurance Claims

While the type and terms of Allstate home insurance varies from state to state, filing an Allstate insurance claim could not be easier. Simply contact your Allstate agent, login into your Allstate account online, or start the claim process using the Allstate mobile application 24 hours per day, seven days a week. You should be prepared to provide as many details as you possibly can about the circumstances surrounding the incident, the type of damage that occurred during the incident, the items damaged, or the types of injuries received during the incident. The more details you provide during your Allstate incurance claim, the greater the chance your claim will be processed in a timely fashion.

Allstate Discounts

Designed to protect your home, guests, property, and more, a homeowners policy from Allstate home insurance may be more affordable than you think, with Allstate discounts. You will receive an automatic Allstate discount, if you have multiple insurance policies with Allstate, including home, auto, and life.

New customers to Allstate home insurance will enjoy several Allstate discounts, including the Early Signing discount. If you sign up with Allstate home insurance, before your old home insurance policy expires, regardless of your previous carrier, you will receive an Allstate discount. However, you should check with your Allstate agent, as this discount may not be available in all states or areas. You will also qualify for an Allstate Welcome discount, within the first two years you are insured with Allstate home insurance.

An automatic Allstate discount is applied when you take advantage of Allstate's Easy Pay discount. Just register your your checking or savings account to have your Allstate home insurance policy payment to be automatically deducted, and you will receive the Easy Pay Discount. If you have purchased a newly constructed home, which will be insured with Allstate home insurance, you will receive the Allstate Home Buyer discount. Check with your Allstate agent to see if your recent home purchase applies to this Allstate discount.

If your home features additional protection against fire and theft, including burglar alarms and smoke detectors, while your insured with Allstate home insurance, you may qualify for the Protective Device Allstate discount. While a hail-resistant roof will give you piece of mind that your home is protected from the weather, it may also qualify for the Hail-Resistant Allstate discount. Check with your Allstate agent to see if your home meets the qualifications.

Homeowners insurance with Allstate home insurance will receive the Allstate Claim-Free discount, by staying claim-free. However, should you have the need to file a claim, you may lose this discount or you may see an increase in the premium you pay. If you have recently switched your coverage to Allstate home insurance, you may also qualify for Claim-Free Rewards. Here you earn bonus savings for every year you remain Allstate insurance claim-free. You may earn up to five percent back. Check with your Allstate agent for more information on how this particular situation may affect you.

Non-smokers who have their home insured with Allstate home insurance will qualify for the Smoke-Free Allstate discount, if everyone in their home is a non-smoker as well. Check with your Allstate agent for possible terms and qualifications.

Allstate Coverage

While Allstate home insurance protects your home, guests, property, and more, Allstate coverage includes additional situations you may not find anywhere else. For an additional cost, you can opt to choose Water Backup coverage, which covers damages received when drains within your household back up or your sump pump breaks down.

Should a sump pump break down or flood damage occur while you are insured with Allstate home insurance coverage, your Allstate coverage includes being reimbursed for your living expenses. In other words, if your home becomes uninhabitable, your Allstate coverage will include rent, hotel costs, food costs, and more, while you are taking up residence elsewhere as your home is being assessed and repaired.

Victims of identity theft, who are insured with Allstate home insurance, will benefit from their Allstate coverage, as Identity Theft Restoration is another additional coverage that you may opt to purchase. This will insure that legal fees, lost wages, and any other costs you accrue through your identity theft is covered.